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Engine Flush Good or Bad: An Incisive Question

June 29th, 2012 | Posted by E-F in Uncategorized

For some time people have been debating whether getting an engine flush is good or bad for their automobiles. The process does help eliminate any particles that tend to interfere with the performance of an automobiles engine. Before making a decision, it is important to understand the pros and cons of an engine flush. Getting an engine flush includes pouring large amount of chemicals in an engine to wash away dirt from the most crucial part of any automobile. Getting an engine flush can also be very harmful to your vehicles engine if the sludge build up is high causing other engine components to get clogged. This makes the situation worse and inevitably leads to more repair work to be done.

Is getting an engine flush good or bad? This is an ambiguous statement because some auto analysts are of the opinion that chemicals are abrasive causing long term damages to the seals, regarded as extremely vital components of the engine. Most of the regents can be quiet harmful for the plastic parts located inside the engine because they react with the surface and might cause stains or other issues. Another perspective about whether an engine flush is good or bad is that if you are regularly removing old oil with high quality synthetic oil there should be no sludge or dirt forming in your engine.

Whether an engine flush is good or bad can also be based on whether you change your oil regularly or purchased a vehicle that has a poor maintenance record. If your engine had been repaired recently than an engine flush should be done to clean dirt particles that may have got into your engine. Another way to figure out if an engine flush is good or bad is to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic and get the mechanic to inspect your engines condition.

As well as replacing the oil in your automobile changing the oil filter regularly should also make an engine flush unnecessary. Oil filter are very important and help solve the issue of contaminants getting into an automobiles engine. Many car manufacturers don’t recommend an engine flush which only leans more towards the bad for the question is an engine flush good or bad. There are too many people who have had engine problems after getting a flush. Make sure you can hold the mechanic responsible if you do get an engine flush. There are many people that can tell you an engine flush is not a fool proof solution and may cause more bad than good.

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